Ulysses Tours offers exclusively designed educational adventures for graduates of Chaparral High School in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our itinerary winds across the heart of Europe through a blend of villages, towns and major metropolitan cities and provides the chance to see some incredible sights. You will learn about the history and culture of each place we visit and gain an understanding of how people from different countries have lived and worked for hundreds of years. You’ll also have the chance to develop or enhance new and existing friendships with classmates while creating some unforgettable memories.

But Ulysses Tours is not just a trip to Europe, it’s an experience; each trip is its own adventure of a lifetime uniquely shaped by group dynamics, world events, the weather and countless other variables. When we have individuals who are intellectually curious and eager to learn about the world in which we live, who understand and embrace the sense of interconnectedness required from those participating in the trip, and who are up and doing and ready for an adventure, what can happen among the group is almost magical.

If you're not into the whole brevity thing, check out the Terms and Conditions from Rick Steves' Europe, REI Adventures, Knott's Berry Farm and the Leucadia Surf School, whose waivers are hereby incorporated by reference, and assume that Ulysses Tours is a whirlwind blend of them all in terms of risk, liability, experience, and spirit, and that the tour would be rated "Difficult" by any comparable standard of measurement. It’s an adventure that will test you physically, mentally and spiritually, and you’ll likely come back a bit different -- perhaps better -- and certainly more worldly.

Ulysses Tours is a private senior trip not affiliated with Chaparral High School or the Scottsdale Unified School District. Please read the information available on this website and carefully assess whether or not this is the trip for you before you complete the application.

Upcoming Tour for Members of the Class of 2024

May 25 - June 13, 2024



Upcoming Tours to Be Made Available for Reunion/Alumni Groups

July 15-24, 2022

Graduates from Chaparral High School


20 person max